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Notion makes communicating and collaborating on company data easy.

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I have metrics every week and every month that work like clockwork now. That is worth a lot for my creditability. - Chris Mullins, VP Customer Engagement, Alert Logic
This is a simple, great product to share with the wider team. I've found other products are too complicated. - Anna Huang, Finance & Operations Coordinator, Parrot Analytics

What makes Notion different?

No coding. No IT.

Set up dashboards, invite your team, and share reports within hours—not months—thanks to our simple integration platform and our data collection workflows.

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Simple data collection. Instant visualization.

Everyone on your team will have the data they need, when they need it. Collect and display custom metrics and team polls with beautiful team and private dashboards.

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Capture the story behind your data.

With multiple ways to collaborate on your data, you’ll add meaningful context to the numbers. One-click reporting and our Slack integration brings data to any conversation.

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Notion is helping teams of all sizes make better decisions.

Before Notion, collecting, sharing, and understanding our company data was manual and laborious. It sucked. - Travis Cannon, Director of Product Management, RADAR

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The end of business intelligence.

Establish a single hub of information so your entire team can track, learn, and grow together.
We call it Team Intelligence.

Custom KPI Tracking

Give everyone the ability to define and track their metrics visually—in minutes, not hours or days.

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SaaS Integrations

No data warehouse setup, no IT tickets, just simple plug-and-play for all business users.

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Quick Team Polling

Leverage the softer side of metrics with brief but regular team polls to spark a deeper conversation.

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Notion currently integrates with:

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No queries. No coding. No waiting.
Increase your team intelligence today!

Collect all your data and collaborate in hours, not months.

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Build an informed and powerful team.

Better decisions are made by smart teams having the right conversation.

One-Click Reporting

No more wasted Sunday nights spent building graphs and reports or chasing down data. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Team Engagement

Empower a data-driven culture that everyone on your team can use. Enhance your Slack conversations with our charts in one click.

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Define Team Goals

Set targets to focus on common goals and iterate more rapidly than ever to make sure you’re tracking in the right direction.

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Improve your product with data.

Start with something small, implementable, and useful. Don't start by collecting all data in the world. Identify something you need to learn, and understand what decisions you might make differently if you had more insight. - read more from Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups
An unhappy team is often a symptom of bigger organisational issues. Taking some kind of quick 'temperature check' on team morale is a really useful exercise to run from time to time in team retrospectives. - read more from Jock Busuttil, author of The Practitioner's Guide to Product Management